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Gouache Watercolours

I’m currently making self-portraits using gouache. I’m finally getting the hang of the materials. Images will follow shortly. I drew a heart using a technique similar to Louise Bourgeois’ late red washes where much of the inspiration comes from.

I feel as though I’ve had a creative breakthrough in making these pictures, it feels like I’ve been able to really let myself go and delve into difficult emotional territory. It’s been cathartic. It’s allowed me to experience negative feelings and then take a step back afterwards. It’s like some sort of exorcism.

Louise Bourgeois


Counting Backwards – Performance with Jennifer Mcdonald

I’ll be performing with Jennifer McDonald at the second instalment of sound poetry event Counting Backwards at Fuel, Withington on Thursday 5th August organised by Matt Dalby and Gary Fisher. This will be the first time Jennifer and I have performed together. We will be using made and found objects to create live sounds with a strong visual element. We will be using plaster casts of simple forms to manipulate to make a variety of sounds. Sessions have been exciting so far…

Rare Experiments

I am starting a collective artists project with Graham Dunning and Jennifer McDonald called Rare Experiments. We intend to generate interest in our workshops for other artists in the community, and curatorial projects such as residencies, exhibitions and events.

I’m currently co-coordinating four community workshops as part of Shine Month in Tameside with young people in housing projects. I’m running two in photography, how to get a great photo from a simple digital camera, and two in sculpture using plaster and found objects. I’m holding the workshops at Nacro in Hyde next week. I have arranged an exhibition at Central Art Gallery, Ashton in early August.

Louise Woodcock


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