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Manchester Artists’ Bonfire 28.1.11 – A call for pledges

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About Manchester Artists’ Bonfire

Manchester Artist’s Bonfire
Islington Mill
Friday 28th January 7-9pm
After Party 9pm until late
Submission of pledgesDeadline: Tuesday 18 January 2011.

Rule: You must burn some of your artwork.

This January a plethora of artists working in Manchester will join in a mass art burn. Artists submit their pledge to take part with a paragraph of writing related to their thoughts, feelings, responses about and reactions to this event.

This defiant symbol of dissatisfaction will act as a catalyst for change. The Artists’ Bonfire is unapologetic about the more obvious connotations such as; strike, destruction and renewal but it is also open to new interpretations, be they political or personal or both.

The pledges collected from Manchester artists will frame the event and provide the context in which we burn the art. We join in a festival of flux and celebrate it on our own terms.

A collection of extended pieces of writing will be published online and in print post event ranging from new theoretical writing to reflective accounts of the experience, providing a unique cross section of Manchester’s art scene in words. All printed material will then be expected to make its way back to the bonfire the following January where we all start again and where it will meet its end- or its beginning depending on how you look at it.

To pledge click here.


Manchester Artists’ Bonfire

Rosanne Robertson from the Castlefield Gallery, artist Graham Dunning and myself are curating an event that invites artists to pledge artworks to burn. There is no other criteria than to pledge and burn a piece of artwork. After some discussion, we decided we wanted to keep in mind the political and economic climate of cuts, to raise awareness and questions about it through the process of the event. The artists are not required to make a point about these issues.

The idea came from a conversation that Rosanne had with Jennifer McDonald at the Doers, Drifters and Dreamers event at Islington Mill recently. The artists were both giving an item of clothing away in exchange for t shirts from past protests. Jennifer said it was a bit like what she was planning to do that evening, burning some of her artwork as she was going to India for 5 months. Rosanne thought it would be a great idea for an event where people could burn their artwork and discuss why they were doing it. Rosanne then contacted all the artists who were present including Matt Dalby (who also burned his Long Lankin sculpture), Helen Shanahan and Gary Fisher and asked if we wanted to be involved.

Performance at The Other Room 1st December, The Old Abbey

I’m performing at experimental poetry night The Other Room on the 1st December at The Old Abbey Inn, 61 Pencroft Way, Manchester, M15 6AY (on Manchester Science Park).

It’s an interesting location; an ancient pub in the middle of an industrial desert. I’ll be eating words and inviting people to join me. I’m not sure how I’m going to involve people, I don’t really want to talk while I’m eating (that’s usual for me) so I may just gesture for people to sit. I’ll set up another dinner plate opposite me and hope that it works. Please feel free to come along, and now you know what I’m planning you won’t feel like a knob wondering whether or not you can join in. It’s interactive! Woo!

If you have a spare Bible, donations are always welcome. They’re for me to eat (just to clear that up).

Selling work at Islington Mill Christmas Market, 25th Nov 5-9pm

I shall be selling my wares at the annual sale at Islington Mill Studios on the 25th November 5-9pm. There will be lots of art and contemporary craft for sale or to have a look at. Please contact louwoodcock [at] for more details and prices.

Some of the items I will be selling are:


Red wax skulls (made to order):

Various wax objects including bananas and a packet of cigarettes

Crochet and basketry hangings

Louise Woodcock


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